A new farm forum? really curious why

Just signed up and it looks nice and modern in here.
I see a one liner on why yet another farm forum but still curious on why, considering the time, effort and cash :wink:

Care to throw some more light?

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Welcome @WizardOfEdi; happy to elaborate!

A few years back, we had several active farming communities online, each with a distinct sense of community and camaraderie. With the popularity of Facebook groups, a lot of them including BFF got engulfed into a huge flavourless fire that we, as farmers ourselves, had a tough time to accept.

We badly miss the organized, threaded, relaxed places where we hung out for some friendly farm advice or chatter each day, sharing just enough about ourselves that we chose to.

Facebook to us is a melee of disorganized, fast disappearing blast of messages and we could never come to terms with it being a โ€œcommunityโ€. Fortunately, we still have TFF that nicely retains the spirit of a true farm forum.

We realize folks seem to yearn for proper forums again and here we are with the best of breed, feature rich forum technology. We wish to complement existing farm discussion forums, serving farmers in a small way ultimately.

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Thanks for the detail. Agree that there is a definite need for a friendly farm forum, wishing all the best to FarmNest UK.

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